Services for Startups:

The Goal of Our Services for Startups…

Nearly all startups have their prioity set on one thing: Getting new customers!

So, the main goal of our startup service is to get qualified leads to your sales team as quickly as possible.

If you have never tried to get customers to buy you coaching, consulting, or services online before, this may sound very simple: Write an Ad. Wait for the response. Sell to the customers. What’s the big deal?

In practice, people see so many Ads every day, they have learned to filter most of them out.

Your Ad needs to catch people’s attention. Then create enough interest for them to take action and contact you. In most case a simple Ad with a “buy me” message will not produce many leads. You will need to educate your (very sceptical) customer about why they should buy from you.

This is more difficult to do, which is why our service compliments your business know-how so well. You know how to deliver something your customers want. We know how to find customers who want to buy your service. Put us together and your business will take off!

10 Steps we follow to deliver your first customers

  1. Learn about your business, any marketing activities which you currently do, and your target market.
  2. Research. Identify what is important to your customers and what the competion are offering
  3. Identify what makes your business special/unique in the eyes of your customers
  4. Describe your new customer’s journey. Here we explain why someone should buy from you
  5. Work with you to create an offer your customers cannot resist.
  6. Create the marketing assets for your marketing system. This means creating Ads, landing pages, information packages, and follow up emails. All of which are specific for your business and will be approved by you
  7. Testing. Here we do some basic testing to ensure the marketing assets we created perform well for your business.
  8. Improve. Based on the testing results, improve your marketing assets
  9. Go live. Bring those customers to your sales team!
  10. 6-Week review. Is everything going well?

This sounds like a lot of work (it is!) The work is typically set up as a small project and we will have regular calls online to discuss the work completed and get your feedback.

The real questions now is: Are you ready to bring new customers into your business?

If the answer is yes, book a free half hour “startup introduction” call with one of our advisors using the form below.

If the answer is “I’m really interested, but I’m not quite ready yet” we understand. As an entrepeneur you have a lot to do to get your online coaching, consulting, service startup ready for launch. Plan to contact us 4-8 weeks before your launch date.

In the mean time, feel free to contact us and ask any questions that you might have via our contact page.

We look forward to talking to you!