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We all know that we need to market our products and services to our customers. But how do you learn about your customers? Here I talk about a real life example. [Read on…]

Our values are very personal and often very difficult to put down on paper – yet they guide almost everything that we do. How do your values guide your business – and how do you ensure that others share your values as your business grows? [Read on…]

One of the first major steps on getting your business back to normal is to let your customers know that you are open for business again. This sounds simple but, particularly if you have a B2C (Business to Customer) Business, then your customers may well not be aware that you are open. [Read on…]

In this final part of this short mini-series on the Corona Crisis, I would like you to think about the future: What will have changed in your market post-Corona?

Social distancing has had a huge impact on how people live and work. Business have been forced to be creative and agile to respond to the crisis. Customers have looked for creative ways around the restrictions that the crisis has forced upon them. There has been a strong push towards digitalization, working from home, and online events. Concerts have been held online. The Oscars have changed their rules to allow films that have only been streamed instead of shown in cinema screeen. The next big question is, “what will be the new normal…?” [Read on…]

In this second part of our short series on business survival during the Corona Virus Crisis we focus on the next few months: comparing business value to business costs. [Read on…]

The current situation is a challenge for all business owners; some more than others. The question is: What can we do to make the best of this crisis and come out stronger in the end?

Step 1: Immediate

The immediate issue is keeping your business going today… [Read on…]